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> The other tower has recently been extensively refurbished with 
> rooms for the Cathedral Choir. There would be insufficient room for 
a ring
> of bells, etc.> complete.
> Stuart Hutchieson

This is very interesting. 
The frame at Lichfield has given cause for concern for some time. 
Was there ever any serious study performed to consider the transfer 
the bells to the North West tower? It is obviously not possible now, 
but it may be that an old frame in the South West tower would not 
have hindered that tower being used for the choir. 
I have heard it said that the Freemasons of Staffordshire wanted to 
present a ring of twelve, that the insistence in using the old frame 
prevented this, and that the bells are heavy for their key because 
the metal for the 'missing' two trebles was used in the casting of 
the ten. Is there any truth in this story? Also, why, in the 
immediate post war period was this frame then treated with 
such 'respect' when others were being thrown out for firewood? I 
would suggest that conservation in the 1940's was fairly low on the 
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