[Bell Historians] Re: Lichfield Cathedral

David Bryant david at b...
Fri May 21 22:44:28 BST 2004

> Again, does anyone have figures for the new Writtle ten to compare the
front end with?

Don't know if they've been released yet. The tenor certainly sounded very
nice when I heard it in the tuning shop at Taylor's a few months ago.

> The architect, Pace (eg. Addleshaw Tower at Chester Cathedral?) had what
> appears to be an enthusiasm about this particular frame and he insisted
> its retention. I don't know if he was aware of its importance as the
> 'oldest' ten bell frame.

Pace (who was a York-based architect) did indeed design the Chester tower. I
don't know whether he was aware of the importance of the Lichfield frame,
but he certainly respected old things and reused them - one of his modern
churches in the York suburb of Acomb incorporates a considerable amount of
material reused from a demolished church in the city centre, and also has
two small bells which were disposed of by another church in the city.


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