Ellacombe or not?

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at s...
Fri May 21 18:24:47 BST 2004

In private correspondence with Mike Chester about chiming mechanisms, 
I raised a question about use of the term "Ellacombe". I've often 
used it as a loose equivalent for any sort of taut-rope clavier. He 
uses whatever term has been reported to him by his sources, which is 
quite reasonable.

But shouldn't that term really be reserved for what H.T.Ellacombe 
actually designed--a quick-release rack for use with chiming hammers 
mounted below ringing bells? And if so, what should it actually be 
called? Possible candidates:
Ellacombe apparatus
Ellacombe stand [analogous to chimestand]
Ellacombe rack
something else?

If the term should be restricted to Ellacombe's invention, then what 
terminology should be used for other taut-rope (non-keyboard) playing 
mechanisms? Such mechanisms are still in use with Harrington tubular 
chimes in England and Canada, as well as Hooper conventional chimes 
in Massachusetts.

Ideas, please?


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