RSJ Headstocks - Bremhill - Webb & Bennett 1913

Ken Webb kenwebb at r...
Sun May 23 09:43:04 BST 2004

No. I'm from the Wiltshire strain. The surname is common.

Bremhill has FW cut into the wall of the sound chamber - I used to think
this was for F White but it must be Fred Webb. I can't trace a faculty
application for the complete rehang in 1913 - I doubt whether any bells were
removed from the tower but new frame & fittings replaced the old 6 bell
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From: Richard Offen Sunday, May 23, 2004 12:37 AM Subject: Bremhill - Webb
& Bennett 1913

KAW: Bremhill are on RSJ headstocks supplied by Fred Webb of Webb & Bennett
in 1913 who hung the bells in a metal double-bar frame (no castings) - see
Bellframes by CJP page 31 - type 8.1C. Ken

Are you related to the Webb part of the Webb and Bennett partnership? R

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