[Bell Historians] Ellacombe or not?

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Mon May 24 19:07:19 BST 2004

>> I think you'll find that Taylors have had a form of 'trigger-
> action'
>> Ellacombe hammer in use for many years. Certainly one which it is
>> impossible to hold against the bell.
>> I'm sure someone will be able to confirm this.
> Yes, they're made in two pieces with a hinge in the middle. The rear
> piece (to which the rope is attached) has a piece sticking out
> beneath its inner end (the trigger), and this pushes the innter party
> of the hammer (which has the ball on the end) up against the bell.
[I am sure you are right. It is just that in all my poking round belfries I
seem hardly ever to have seen them, and had therefore forgotten about their
existence. Sorry, Taylors. CD]

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