[Bell Historians] Ellacombe or not?

Carl S Zimmerman csz_stl at s...
Mon May 24 16:16:29 BST 2004

At 08:23 +0000 on 2004/05/24, David Bryant wrote:

> > I think you'll find that Taylors have had a form of 'trigger-action'
>> Ellacombe hammer in use for many years. Certainly one which it is
>> impossible to hold against the bell.
>> I'm sure someone will be able to confirm this.
>Yes, they're made in two pieces with a hinge in the middle. The rear
>piece (to which the rope is attached) has a piece sticking out
>beneath its inner end (the trigger), and this pushes the innter party
>of the hammer (which has the ball on the end) up against the bell.

Trying to visualize how this would work, it seems to me that there 
must also be a stop block to prevent the rope piece from travelling 
too far. The hammer piece would continue on by inertia to strike the 
bell, and then fall back on the trigger extension of the rope piece. 
The "hinge" in the middle would actually be the common pivot for both 
pieces, and its axle would be supported by some sort of bracket.

Have I got it right?

If so, it's analogous to the action of a properly adjusted baton 
keyboard, which also will not allow the clapper to be held against 
the bell.

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