[Bell Historians] Bowell

Susan Dalton dalton.family at v...
Wed May 26 19:50:12 BST 2004

> Alfred Bowell's bells are invariably neat castings, and I'm quite a fan of
> his hanging - both for "go" (he had great skill in aligning his plain
> bearings with great accuracy), but also for his clappering (the fittings
> may look odd, but they work very well). Moreover, Bowell built up a healthy
> little business from very small beginnings - and was largely self-taught.
> But admiration stops short of thinking very much of Bowell's tuning
[Try Ranworth, Norfolk, and Sempringham, Lincs.
I quite agree about Bowells' good "go" and clappering.
They did a couple of hanging jobs over this way: Wigmore (now ringing
again) and Bishop's Castle. CD]

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