[Bell Historians] Re: Worcester Cathedral

David Beacham david1.beacham at v...
Thu May 27 08:55:14 BST 2004

> What a marvelous bonus to see the drawing of the chiming machine!
> Are the two hammers for each bell side by side, or are they split
> between the two ends of the drum (as the drawing seems to imply)?
> Can anyone tell me where other devices of this type can be found?


The levers for each pair of hammers are side by side.

The machine operates on a principle first devised by Daniel Imhof (Swiss?).
In "Clocks, Watches & Bells" (Grimthorpe, 8th edition, 1883) he notes
(p.210) that Gillett & Bland installed similar machines at Boston and
Croydon, Bradford and Rochdale Town Halls, and Eaton Hall. I have seen
smaller versions elsewhere.

There is also an inllustration of one on the cover of Trevor Jennings's book
"British and Irish Chime Barrel Mechanisms, their Music and the Community
Response" (2000). Pages 48, et.seq. give a lengthy account of the history
and development of the Imhof type machine.


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