Carillon/chiming machines

Chris Povey cmpovey at 3...
Thu May 27 19:38:03 BST 2004

Let's get the terminology correct here. They are CHIMING machines, or
tune-players. A carillon is a bell installation containing at least 23

The late Geoffrey Hemming of Evesham used to refer to the 1878 Gillett & Bland machine in the Bell Tower as 'the Jukebox'.

It might not be correct to refer to it as a carillon, but that is what it is
known as locally, and I would be accused of horrid pedantry if I referred to
it otherwise.


Yes, Ann, it's known round here as 'the carillon', too, (even though the G&B machine - a shorter version of the Worcester Cathedral machine, playing on 10 bells - has now been superseded by an electronic/electric version from Joyce/Smiths of Derby; also the mechanical clock, too).

Chris Povey

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