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Surely there isn't someone objecting to the replacement of an 1887 Taylor
high-sided composite A-frame? Surely this is conservation gone mad. I note
from David Bagley's website that "The frame has caused problems since it was
installed, indeed the bells were actually unringable in 1900 just 13 years
after it was installed." This sounds strange - there are many of these
frames about that are perfectly serviceable, including the 1889 frame for
the heavy octave at Pentre, Rhondda. (Yes, I know these bells are a handful,
but that is because of the tower sway).

What exactly is being done at Great Malvern?

Andrew Bull

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Fellas, come on!

You should know by now that the common sense, logical clear thought etc
can't be applied to civil servants! Try putting some of these cases into Sir
Humphrey Appleby's eyes.

GP was quite happy in the early stages of Malvern to let the frame go -
we've got a letter that says so! The local EH overlord disagreed and a
Blairesque U turn ensued.


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