[Bell Historians] Points of view/Great Malvern

David Bryant david at b...
Fri May 28 13:25:50 BST 2004

> Surely there isn't someone objecting to the replacement of an 1887 Taylor
> high-sided composite A-frame?

Oh yes, and the someone is, unsurprisingly, EH. As I understand it, the local ringers, quite reasonably, want to install a new frame and augment their bells to ten. EH, for reasons not entirely clear, have been trying to insist on retaining the frame (even though it isn't a very good example of that type of frame). They want the locals to agree to have the frame modified for ten bells, which the ringers have quite reasonably been fighting as the bells are unlikely to go very well in the present frame.

These frames are not particularly rare, and in fact EH have one of their very own at the Temple Church in Bristol. Quite why they are making such a fuss seems a mystery to me - does anyone know what their grounds for opposing its replacement are?



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