Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Sat May 29 08:56:26 BST 2004

I think there is a difference between impartiality and not having a vested
interest. When I sit round a table with the fabric committee of a church and
they are faced with similar quotations from different bell hangers they want
to know the differences between the companies. They can't be expected to
know these things - that is why they have asked me to join their
discussions - and their only other source of information is local ringers
who could be as equally uninformed as the committee or far more partial than
I! They want to understand the minor differences between the quotes, which
I can help them with by knowing the language, but they also want to know
about the reputations of the companies.

If you were asked to supply a list of bellrope makers you could be 100%
certain of supplying a full list of makers. You would also know in advance
which maker would be the cheapest but is that where your advice stops?
Doesn't the same apply to bellhangers and bellfounders?


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