[Bell Historians] impartiality?

George Dawson George at d...
Sat May 29 09:40:31 BST 2004

> I think there is a difference between impartiality and not having a vested
> interest. When I sit round a table with the fabric committee of a church and
> they are faced with similar quotations from different bell hangers they want
> to know the differences between the companies. They can't be expected to
> know these things - that is why they have asked me to join their
> discussions - and their only other source of information is local ringers
> who could be as equally uninformed as the committee or far more partial than
> I! They want to understand the minor differences between the quotes, which
> I can help them with by knowing the language, but they also want to know
> about the reputations of the companies.
> If you were asked to supply a list of bellrope makers you could be 100%
> certain of supplying a full list of makers. You would also know in advance
> which maker would be the cheapest but is that where your advice stops?
> Doesn't the same apply to bellhangers and bellfounders?
> Andrew

Well said! 
When there are differences in quotes I ask parishes to decide what they really want, then get them to ask for requotes on that basis. There is then a level playing field for them to make THEIR decision.


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