[Bell Historians] St Dunstan-in-the-East: new info

Michael Royalton-Kisch mfrk24 at h...
Wed Nov 3 08:20:14 GMT 2004

Congratulations on a super write-up (and recording) of the bells. It always 
hits me when I hear stories like this, just how badly "our" generation has 
been affected by the destructive decades of the 60's and 70's. The story of 
St. Dunstan carries a warning about our church authorities - no doubt a 
similar crew who closed St. Stephen Rosslyn Hill (Hampstead) in 1977 and 
decided that the bells had to go there.

I was deeply moved by John Pladdys' recording of St. Dunstan's bells, they 
remind me very much of the 1930 octave at Walkden, Manchester. 
Incidentally, were St. Duinstan's really in E-flat? For most of the 
recording, they sound in E, although about 3/4 from the end they shift to a 
lower key, no doubt due to the age of the recording. It would be 
interesting to see Taylors' tuning figures sometime. Let's hope we can 
bring what's left of this magnificent octave back to the UK before long.

Keep up the good work Dr Love!

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