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The bells at Rosslyn Hill were cast as a complete ten by Taylors in 1872.
Details recorded at Loughborough in October 1982 when the bells were
1. 28=C2=BD" 6-0- 0
2. 30=C2=BE" 7-1- 0
3. 33" 7-1-25
4. 33=C2=BE" 8-0- 4
5. 35=C2=BD" 8-2- 0
6. 38=C2=BD" 10-1-25
7. 42=C2=BC" 13-0- 7
8. 44=C2=BD" 15-2-18
9. 49=C2=BD" 20-0-14
10. 55=C2=BD" 27-0-12 C-sharp
[Taylors, per CJP]
Andrew Bull

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Alan is quite right about The ten in Hampstead - they were appalling to
listen to , but in a way I would almost like to go back there and ring. Am
I right in thinking that were cast as complete 10 in the 1850's ? Perhaps
they were the most dreadful ten in Greater London , but of course there
could be quite a debate as to which is or was the worst.=20

Jim Shepard=20

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