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IF they returned then there could hardly be a better belfry for them than S=
t Dunstan-in-the-West. It is about the same size. The bell chamber is very =
lofty. As at the East, the upper corners are squinched off, in this case to=
carry the Lantern. The bell chamber windows are about the same size and st=
yle. Both have stone louvres. The building materials are Portland Stone and=
London stock bricks. There is (was) in both cases a low clock / silence ch=
amber beween the ringers and the bells. The most significant differences wo=
uld be that at the East, the sound was deflected downwards from the reinfor=
ced concrete roof (at the West it is the heavy lead covered Lantern floor).=
The East louvres were well bricked up behind to raise the bottom of the so=
und exit above the lips of the upturned bells. The West louvres would requi=
re this, as anyone who has heard the single bell (details again on DrL's si=
te) will testify.

Apparently the old West eight were as bad as the East (old and new) were go=
od. I swing-chimed some of the West bells with the bare ropes which existed=
down to c1970 and the sound from above was not pleasant. As I saw them, on=
e had broken canons and was on top of the frame; the tenor, possibly the 7=
th also, was cracked. Apart from the peal boards (the one in the porch quit=
e superb) there is nothing left - floors all renewed and the new 11 cwt bel=
l hanging on a deadstock in the centre of the tower. I met someone who clai=
med to have rung there; but the late Bill Jefferies told me that "he had a =
very vivid imagination, Mister!"=20=20
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> Perhaps the most fitting place to re-create St Dunstan bells would be a=
t the=20
> sister church, St Dunstan-in-the-West?

Let's be honest though, the chance of them returning to this country and =
being hung for ringing must be fairly remote, and they would probably sound=
very different in a different tower.



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