St. Stephen, Hampstead

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Fri Nov 5 13:41:37 GMT 2004

.Alan is quite right about The ten in Hampstead - they were appalling 
to listen to , but in a way I would almost like to go back there and 
ring. Am I right in thinking that were cast as complete 10 in the 
1850's ? Perhaps they were the most dreadful ten in Greater London , 
but of course there could be quite a debate as to which is or was the 

Jim Shepard 

I rang at Hampstead in the mid. 1970's. My recollection of them was 
that the back 4 were very respectable, the back 8 were just about 
tolerable, but the two trebles in 10 were very sharp indeed. I have 
little doubt that with tuning, they could have been a very decent 10. 
I think that it would have been possible to "Simpson tune" the back 
bells, unless my memory is failing me. I do possess the weights and 
diameters, but no tuing figures.
Incidentally, I noticed that they had G & J ball-bearing units, and 
had been rehung around 1927.
Nigel taylor

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