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On a personal note, I was somewhat sad to read of the demise of Madron bell=
frame and fittings
after a working life of only fifty three years - seemingly due to the ravag=
es of the Cornish elements.
However, I will refrain from commenting about regular maintenance etc. etc.=
My reason for this mail=20
is regarding Peals rung on the old six prior to their augmentation to eight=
The first recorded peal was of Grandsire Doubles on the 26th February, 1948=
. Four local ringers
taking part, the band being very much strengthened by the Rev. Arthur S Rob=
erts and his wife
Jessie (nee Angwin). The next peal I have a record of, having taken part in=
it, is again of Grandsire Doubles
but this time by an all resident band. The date was July 24th, 1950. Both t=
hese peals mentioned were
conducted by my father, Geoffrey W. Taysom. Apart from myself there is one =
other survivor of what was the=20
last peal on the old six and that is Rachael White who is 93yrs of age.
Has anyone any record(s) of peals rung on the six bells during the gap betw=
een 1948 and 1950 please?
Most grateful.
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