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Thu Nov 11 18:46:14 GMT 2004

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> Dear Richard,
> The PCC Treasurer is almost certainly talking rubbish.
> Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), in my experience, usually require some 
> of match funding from a successful applicant. Volunteer labour 
often forms a
> significant part of this funding and is usually reckoned to be 
worth GBP 5
> per hour for unskilled work to GBP 10 per hour for skilled work.
> HLF usually supply a very comprehensive and specific to the grant, 
> document with all the Do's and Don'ts. Ask for sight of a copy. It 
should be
> available as it's not a confidential document, this is public money!
> My experience of this is in the preserved railway arena rather than
> ecclesiastical arena but that shouldn't affect the process.
> If I can help further please let me know.
> Kind Regards,
> Alex Hunt

Thanks Alex.

It has since transpired that the treasurer concerned has decided that 
he really can't be bothered with the worry of insurance, etc. for 
volunteer labour, so told the ringers that HLF wouldn't allow it as a 
fob off!

Since the parish concerned raised £10,000 in one evening at a promise 
auction, I guess the cost of an extra bell hanger isn't too much of a 
worry for them!


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