Saalfeld, Thuringia

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> Does anyone have any knowledge of a bell called the Seiger Glocke 
> supposedly in Saalfeld, Thuringia, Germany? A correspondent has 

Could the word be "Schiller"? I found a German site that talked 
about a 90cwt bell from Google and had it translated, rather badly!

In the tower is the bell chair, inside four bells hang. The largest 
so 90 hundredweights heavily, on the Kirchhof in a hut broken open in 
addition 1511 one poured. Superstitious people threw much silver and 
gold into the meal, baptized also the same according to abgoettischer 
habit of the time, soon after; the richest and most distinguished 
people were confessed to Gevattern and designated with the name pc. 
Anna. It was poured by Oswald Hilliger and its son Martin of free 
mountain on Monday after Trinitatis (16 June). At this bell the 
portrait pc. Anna, Maria stands and the child flax Jesu. This bell is 
hung, rung and only after 1516 pulled on the tower some year in a 
wooden housing on the Kirchhof. The other one, after four years 
poured, weighed 52 hundredweights and 1515 by bishop Johann von 
Meissen was baptized. The third, 25 hundredweights heavily, 1506 were 
poured of course, because it is however defectively, it 1565 recast. 
Fourth and smallest, that the English greeting, has one 1516 poured. 
The Gloecklein however, which hangs in the piling up flax, was 
produced 1559 and primarily used with funerals, in addition, with the 
other bells sound is rung. 

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