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> Any idea who the Lancs Assn bell advisor is??
> Cheers
> Matthew

Which Diocese?
There are branch bell advisors.

- just to add to Alan's note, I don't think every branch has a bell advisor - or if they do, they don't appear in the Association report. My impression (and it may be different outside Liverpool Diocese) is that most work falls on the tower/bells adviser to the DAC. Matthew no doubt has the list from the RW a few months ago.

Just to add to the fun, of course, CofE diocesan advisers have no _right_ to advise on non-CofE towers... and it's debatable if they have a _right_ to advise on anything other than faculty applications. But that's enough dirty washing for the moment.

I'm sorry Alan feels so sore about being rescued from the evil empire on the wrong side of the Pennines...


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