[Bell Historians] Re: Lancashire Assn.

David Bryant david at b...
Fri Nov 19 00:16:49 GMT 2004

> Just to add to the fun, of course, CofE diocesan advisers have no _right_ to advise on non-CofE towers... and it's debatable if they have a _right_ to advise on anything other than faculty applications. But that's enough dirty washing for the moment.

Diocesan policies regarding the remit of bells advisers seem to vary - some only want them to advise on faculty applications, some are happy for them to be consulted for general advice. Regarding ringing associations, branch advisers are unusual and it is more normal for there to be advisers for the whole association. Some, e.g. the Yorkshire Association, don't have advisers. Whatever the case, they have no legal status and are only there to advise PCCs if requested to.



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