[Bell Historians] Joseph Hatch.

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Sat Nov 20 22:17:06 GMT 2004

Jim asked:

> 4. The Hatch foundry appears to have been prolific in its 
heyday. Has there been any book or pamphlet about it?

I remember (I thought 'very clearly') the title 'Joseph Hatch: The 
Ulcombe Bellfounder' and seemed to recall that it was a RW article 
sometime since I first took it (1950s). However, my copy of Cyril 
Wratten's RW cumulative index shows only one (useful) entry, that for 
the year 1963, p169 where Nick Davies wrote a 2-page article on 
Joseph Hatch - and that was not the title I recalled. (If you have 
no access to a copy Jim, let me know and I'll make a photocopy of the 

The other (apparently less useful) entry in the RW index was to 1965, 
p168, and that reminded me that what I was probably remembering was 
not a RW article but a booklet published by Hannon, probably in the 
1970s, and which I am fairly sure I have got somewhere in all my 
ringing books and booklets although I cannot immediately lay hands on 
it. There is an entry in the CCCBR 2002 Library Catalogue (p142) for 
this booklet, so try John Eisel, Jim - that is unless someone else on 
the group has a copy they can immediately lay hands on.

John Baldwin

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