[Bell Historians] Surfleelt

Michael Wilby michael at i...
Fri Nov 26 10:02:37 GMT 2004

> > But what if the tower is still moving? Surely then the frame 
> not be
> > level as originally installed?
> I don't think it is, because if it was it would be pulling away 
> the nave, and I didn't see any evidence of that.

And it would be highly unlikely that they would be "ringable" now!

Surely another give-away that the frame has been installed level is 
that the bells swinging N-S appear level in their pits. :-)

It would be entertaining trying to ring them if they were hung 
parallel with the stone courses! 

Interesting to note that the original installation has all swinging N-
S, with the exception of the then 7th and 8th. Two trebles of 12 
(top tier) now swing E-W as well.


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