[Bell Historians] Surfleelt

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Sat Nov 27 10:05:37 GMT 2004

 "but the length of swing possible from this position to
the end stops on the slider/ hastings mechanism in each direction would be
different. This would make the bell deeper set one way than the other - just
a bit!"

And the evidence is out there...

Darrington (West Yorkshire) six bells in 1895 Taylors cast iron H frame.
The church was undermined about 12 years ago as a result of which the east
end is about 6" lower than the west. THerefore the tower is about 1.5"
lower at one side than the other. Taylors rehung the bells level by putting
blocks under the low bearings (on bells 1,2,5 & 6) and realigning pulley
boxes etc. The third and fourth which hang east/west didn't need levelling
BUT I did have to adjust the stops on the sliders because there had been a
quite noticable change in the depth of set!

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