Fw: Lost Rings of Four?

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Mon Oct 4 21:54:35 BST 2004

I did get some info on the following from the 3 and 4 bell list.

I am now putting it out on Bell Historians in the hope of getting some more.

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Subject: Lost Rings of Four?

> Does anyone have firm evidence that any of the following towers once had
> four bells hung full-circle? If so, any idea what happened and when?
> Aisholt, Somerset - Dove (5th edition)
> Now three bells hung dead
> Raddington, Somerset - Dove (4th edition)
> Now three bells hung for swing chiming
> Fourth bell to Odcombe, Somerset?
> Llanfair Dyffryn, "Clwyd"
> Now four bells hung dead

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