St Cynbryd's Church, Llanddulas.

Mike Chester mike at m...
Wed Oct 13 15:51:21 BST 2004

The churchwarden of St Cynbryd's Church, Llanddulas has contacted me 
about "his" tubular chime. I suggested that they were almost 
certinaly by Harrington, Latham and Co of Coventry. He has replied

Yes, you are right, the first 6 bells were made by Harrington, Latham 
& Co, Coventry, for £160. Our records do not say where the 
additional two bells were made (for £35) but it would be sensible to 
assume they came from the same place.

What could you get in 1909 for £160 + £35 in 1912 in terms of "real" 


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