Isle of Man

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If this is The Royal Chapel of St. John, Clouston gives the following 
Whitechapel Bell Foundry supplied a bell of 6 1/2cwts to The Royal 
Chapel of St. John in 1849 when the present fabric was erected. This 
bell was recast by the same foundry in 1922 and is now the present 
hour bell of 6 3 25. In 1939 four bells to give quarter chimes 
and a clock, were donated by William Henry Callister in memory of his 
parents, brother and sister. The four bells are each inscribed J.B. 
JOYCE & CO. LTD. WHITCHURCH, SALOP. 1939. This firm supplied the 
clock, but the bells were cast at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and 
have weights 1 3 11, 2 3 1, 3 0 22, 5 0 10. The notes are B 
A G and D.

>From Manx Bells by RWM Clouston (1986) 

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