Whitechapel's ex. G & J machine and Middle Rasen

nigelsdtaylor nigeltaylor at k...
Mon Oct 18 13:45:12 BST 2004

The small tuning machine obtained from G & J was in fact bought new 
by C.F.J. in 1906/7. I have seen a photo of it taken at croydon in 
1908. It was belt driven from a dc motor, but was modified after the 
2nd world war with a dive taken through a 3-speed ex. motorcycle 
gearbox. This finally came to a grinding end 6 years ago, and was 
replaced with an inverter (variable speed drive).
The new 28" middle Rasen 3rd is very thin, but not as much as one 
might expect. The soundbow is 1 13/16" and the crown thickness is a 
very respectable 7/8". How was this achieved? No comment!!
Nigel Taylor 

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