Coatbridge, Lanarkshire

John Paul Adams J.Adams at u...
Wed Oct 20 11:40:35 BST 2004

While on the way back from the pub to the station last Friday afternoon
in Coatbridge, Lanarkshire (I assume now Strahclyde), I heard a clock chime
that sounded rather electronic, though could easily have been some small
bells. It was quarter to the hour, and as my train was a few minutes past
the hour, I couldn't stop to wait for the hour and to hear where it came

Looking at Mike's list of chimes, there is a 2wct chime of six listed for
the Weslyan Chapel in Coatbridge. It says it was in the 3rd edition of Dove
and not the 6th.

As with a lot of towns around that area, there were a good five chuches
with towers and spires, so it could have been any of those. Also, there 
is a modern shopping centre on the pedestrianised High Street, so it
could easily have been an electronice chime from there.

Anyone have any information?


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