G & J's tuning machines

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Mon Oct 25 13:34:20 BST 2004

As well as the small machine that Whitechapel purchased in 1957, G & 
J had two other vertical boring machines. The "intermediate" machine 
was bought by C.F.J. in 1909 as the bell side of the business was 
rapidly expanding. The small machine can accommodate bells of up to 
41"-42" diameter, depending upon the height. Cyril realised that 
before long he would require a larger machine. The intermediate 
machine had bolt on extension plates. Without the plates, the largest 
sized bell it would accept was around 78"; with the first set of 
extensions: around 102" and with the 2nd set: about 112". It was 
however rather unstable with bells much over 10 tons. The large ex. 
Warner machine was aquired around 1925. Whether or not it was 
installed in time to tune the Wanamaker bell (112" 15 1/2 tons), I do 
not know. It was subsequently used for the larger Riverside and 
Chicago bells. It was also used for aligning large clock dials. 
The large machine was scrapped after the closure of G & J. What 
happened to the intermediate machine I do not know. It was offered to 
Whitechapel, but sadly there was nowhere to put it! It was from all 
accounts, an excellent machine.
Nigel Taylor

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