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Tue Oct 26 13:42:39 BST 2004

Richard wrote:
>I'm still convinced that Wally Spraggett told me Warner's had it
built when Mears' Big Ben was found to be cracked and they thought
they might get the order to recast it ...but perhaps that was just
apocryphal! (Spraget is the correct spelling Richard; your memory is 
failing you!!)

There was a move around 1913 to get Big Ben recast. Warners must have 
quoted for this, although I have not seen any correspondance upon 
this matter. They cannot have bought such a large machine on the 
basis of some rumour; apart from anything else, there was a 
considerable financial outlay involved. Perhaps one day, the story of 
how Big Ben was nearly recast may come to light. I have heard this 
story from ex. G & J employees, as well as form Whitechapel. Two of 
Warner's ex. employees came to work here in the 1920's.
Incidentally, the large machine was operated by ratchets rather than 
wheels, and was like all G & J's machines hand fed (no automatic 
vertical feed). The operator sat on a plank over the bell, in order 
to operate the two ratchet feeds. It was a brute of a machine, but 
ran at up to 4 R.P.M.!
Nigel Taylor
Nigel Taylor

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