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Wed Sep 1 21:48:41 BST 2004

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> Why waste your time replying to this.
> All knowledge is provisional. The compilers of Dove have 
> established a system for updating the record, which is 
> consistent and - obviously - fallible. But if you have 
> different decision-making criteria for different sources, 
> the result is chaos and dissension.
There are numerous exagerated weights knocking about for various 
Given that we have reasonably accurate information regarding 
wieghts of bells by various founders, should we not use these as a 
reference for calculating more accurate weights for bells by the 
same founder rather than using an often exagerated weight.
How often have we heard of a bell qouted to be a certain weight 
then if it is weighed it is found to be several cwts lighter.
Kirkby Malham tenor was qouted in printed books as 25cwt, when it 
was really closer to about 18cwt(before retuning)


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