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Barry Pickup jbpickup at y...
Wed Sep 1 23:48:34 BST 2004

 --- Chris Povey
>Conversely, however, I remember Ron getting hauled
>over the coals in RW many years 
>ago about reducing the weight of a ancient tenor down
>in the West Country somewhere. The local Tower
>Captain said to his knowledge it had never been out
>of the tower to be weighed since it was put in, so
>how could Mr Dove know different. Ron had to agree
>and apologised, and the tenor weight reverted back.

I believe this was at Frome where in one edition of
"Dove" the weight of the tenor was given as 27-2-22.
Ron Dove eventually had to admit that this was the
date on which he had inspected the bells and not the
weight of the bell!


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