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> Our tenor at HT, Bradford on Avon was said to weigh about 33cwt, because
> Thomas Blackbourne always weighed bells with the clapper in.

The clapper isn't going to weight more than half a hundredweight or so in a
bell of that size, though!


The whole story is really a good demonstration of How To Get Muddled Over
Weights of Bells. The weights of the 1882 L&J tenor vay as follows; cast
weight 32 cwt; tuned weight(by L&J)30-0-5; weight on some peal boards 32
cwt; on others 33 cwt; weight in 1980 Guild Report, 31 cwt; weight in 1998
Guild Report 30-3-14; weight on arrival at Taylors in 1998 30-0-25; weight
after re-tuning by Taylors (most beautifully) 29-2-26.

IMHO the last weight is the one that should be in Dove.


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