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My brother gave me a surprisingly interesting book the other day - The 
Lighthouse Stevensons by Bella Bathhurst. ISBN 0 00 257006 8 (Published in 1999).

There is a lot of information about the building of the first Eddystone 
lighthouse (Now on plymouth hoe) as well as information on the Skerryvore, Bell 
Rock (including a cross section drawing showing bells) and several others. I 
am told that there is also a large bell on the breakwater lighthouse at 

There are (or were) bells at Skerryvore and also Dublin Lighthouses.

There is a lot of info on the Eddystone lighthouse at: 


DLC writes:

I recall raising this subject earlier - but not where I raised it. Perhaps 
not on this site and therefore privately. 

I wonder if the bells cast into the Croydon ones were the bells of the 
Smeaton light - assuming it had any. The note says "some" of the metal came from 
Eddystone, while there was anough in the 83-cwt of metal hung in the 1882 
light to cast the whole Croydon chime.

Not only are there the G&B adverts, there is also a painting/engraving of 
one of the bells being raised into position, and another of the light with the 
two bells clearly visible below the gallery. Richard Bowden drew my attention 
to these.

The bells no longer hang there; even if they did they would sooner or later 
be superseded by electronic devices as is progressively happening with most 
Trinity House and Gas Accumulator Co bells. Getting them down must have been 
as difficult as putting them up - on the other hand, 2 tons is as nothing 
considering the size of some of the materials sent out to the rock.

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