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"The Lighthouse Stevensons" is indeed a fascinating book. I bought mine aft=
er a Quarter at St Mary's Basilica, Sydney in 2000 (we rang it while the Pe=
ntathlon was in progress outside). It's a good read, I got through the whol=
e thing during the flight back to England.

It is of course quite possible that the 1881 bells were sent back (and not =
replaced) as foghorns had come in by the 1890's (a significant example bein=
g the adaption of the fiendish Diaphone stop invented by Robert Hope-Jones =
for the organ). As can be seen from some of these TH bells now floating aro=
und (no pun intended), these marine bells take some punishment from their e=
xternal hammers and the ironwork suffers terribly - the fourteen years in q=
uestion would have been quite long enough for both bells and ironwork ro su=
ffer, as I have noted on a number of not very old TH bells which Keltek sen=
sibly did not buy.

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My brother gave me a surprisingly interesting book the other day - The Li=
ghthouse Stevensons by Bella Bathhurst. ISBN 0 00 257006 8 (Published in 19=

There is a lot of information about the building of the first Eddystone l=
ighthouse (Now on plymouth hoe) as well as information on the Skerryvore, B=
ell Rock (including a cross section drawing showing bells) and several othe=
rs. I am told that there is also a large bell on the breakwater lighthouse =
at Plymouth.

There are (or were) bells at Skerryvore and also Dublin Lighthouses.

There is a lot of info on the Eddystone lighthouse at: http://www.btinter=


DLC writes:
I recall raising this subject earlier - but not where I raised it. Perh=
aps not on this site and therefore privately.=20

I wonder if the bells cast into the Croydon ones were the bells of the =
Smeaton light - assuming it had any. The note says "some" of the metal came=
from Eddystone, while there was anough in the 83-cwt of metal hung in the =
1882 light to cast the whole Croydon chime.
Not only are there the G&B adverts, there is also a painting/engraving =
of one of the bells being raised into position, and another of the light wi=
th the two bells clearly visible below the gallery. Richard Bowden drew my =
attention to these.

The bells no longer hang there; even if they did they would sooner or l=
ater be superseded by electronic devices as is progressively happening with=
most Trinity House and Gas Accumulator Co bells. Getting them down must ha=
ve been as difficult as putting them up - on the other hand, 2 tons is as n=
othing considering the size of some of the materials sent out to the rock.

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