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Can anyone provide any details of the following please?

The date the steel Bootle bells were removed from Bootle
The date the Everton bells were removed
The date that Everton church was demolished
The date the Everton bells were installed in Bootle
The individual weights of the Everton (current Bootle) bells (I only
know the Tenor)

Details probably best off list unless you think it may be of interest
to others.

The reason is that I am currently creating a website for Bootle and am
finding VERY little on the internet. Leg work is in progress.
Indeed, if anyone can provide ANY information about the bells or the
church history I would be greatly pleased.

Thanks in advance


[Andrew Bull] 

I have the following, mostly provided by Jim Hedgcock whom I'm sure could
add more detail if he hasn't already contacted you direct.

The current Bootle bells were cast by Whitechapel in 1947, and the weights

1. 3-0- 2
2. 3-1-19
3. 3-1-18
4. 4-0- 0
5. 5-0- 2
6. 5-1- 3
7. 6-3-27
8. 8-1-12

I don't have diameters for them. The bells were transferred complete with
frame and fittings in 1972, in which year Everton church was demolished.

Andrew Bull

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