[Bell Historians] Help Re Bootle

jimhedgcock jameshedgcock at h...
Mon Sep 27 18:48:20 BST 2004

--- It has transpired that the bells were cast in 1945. The fact 
that the casting date on the belfry notice, which was supplied by the 
founders is incorrect, casts doubt on the validity of the other 
I had a note that the bells were removed in 1973, but I am open to 
As Sam says, his Dad might have other details.
I have a photo b/w of Emmanuel @ 1970 and a much larger coloured one 
of the tower in scaffolding being demolished. I am quie willing to 
loan these to interested parties on the basis that they can not be 
replaced ( I don't have the negatives) and that they are 
sent/received by recorded delivery. The church had already been 
demolished. There must be material in the archives of the Liverpool 
Echo or other local newspapers.



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