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Tue Sep 28 12:13:43 BST 2004

"It would be better if the convention was universally adopted where a weight given as 11-1-0 meant that the bell in question had actually been weighedand was 11 cwt, 1 quarter, and 0 pounds exactly, and that a weight given as 11ΒΌ cwt denoted an approximate or reputed weight."

I wasn't very clear - what I meant was estimated weights given in quotes, prior to casting. I agree with you on describing approximate weights.

"The now scrapped bells of Holy Trinity, Shaftesbury, were retuned in the 1950s, and were weighed after tuning; the exact weights of all six bells ended in "0". See Chris Dalton's "Dorset"."

Two of them (4th and 5th) are standing in the yard of Shaftesbury museum. It's amazing that they haven't been stolen.



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