[Bell Historians] Bootle (Everton) and Fenham

Mike Chester mike at m...
Wed Sep 29 15:47:49 BST 2004

> Could we please have a definition of 'old concert pitch' and any 
> authority??

A quick search on Google shows that, according to JRK of LL

Old Concert Pitch A=428.5Hz 

Currently Concert Pitch has A at 440Hz

This means that notes are currently defined as being slightly sharper 
than they used to be. i.e. A bell at 428.5Hz was once said to be 
exactly in A, now it is said to be a little flat of A.

This will make a difference to the note attributed to a bell when it 
was close to 50 cents between one semitone and the next one. If my 
maths is correct (help Bill H!) a bell that was previously noted to 
be, say A - 49 cents will now be recorded as being something over A-
50 cents and therefore be said to be Ab.


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