Re (4): [Bell Historians] Bootle (Everton) and Fenham

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Thu Sep 30 15:55:01 BST 2004

> Richard (equally ill tempered!)

> One of the accusations I've regularly heard about 'modern' rings of 
> bells is that they all sound the same. Using another temperament, 
> which gives each key a 'different colour' addresses this criticism 
> and is intended to bring some character to modern rings. A good 
> idea if you ask me!

That was (nearly) my whole point about K III - each key _has_ a different
colour but the tuner uses a C-based scale of intervals regardless. As I said
earlier, Milton are in B, and I see from WAH's analysis of Houston Tx. that
they are in G, but both use the C intervals and not B or G respectively.

I have certainly analysed Milton (old & new). I was a bit surprised to
find what appeared to be fairly heavy 'skirting' on at least one of the new ones!

We really do need someone prepared to shout 'Horseshit' occasionally (see 
Robert Townsend - Up The Organisation').


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