Pitch standards for bells

Bill Hibbert bill at h...
Thu Sep 30 16:29:33 BST 2004

A few thoughts on reading the various posts:

1) There is room for clarity on pitch standards; for example, some 
German bellfounders work to A=435Hz, I had to produce a special 
version of Wavanal for them, as A=440Hz gave them incorrect results. 
If trying to specify pitch exactly (which is usually not necessary) 
one ought to specify the standard if there is any doubt.

2) As regards tuning in temperaments, some recent extensive 
experiments I have been conducting (one of the reasons I have been so 
quiet on the list recently) have confirmed that pitch shifts due to 
inner tuning (not just the upper partials, but possibly some of the 
lower ones as well) exceed the pitch differences between the various 
temperaments. I'm talking about differences of 20 - 30 cents here, 
which will clearly dominate any differences due to temperament.


Bill H

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