Huyton St. Michael

Samuel Austin combineharvestersam at ...
Tue Aug 9 23:21:33 BST 2005

First of all can I apologize for the layout as this is
being sent from my mobile and I only have 800
characters to use. Just doing some investigating into
Huyton where I learned to ring. Basically the accepted
story is that out of Huytons old 4, 2 were discarded,
the tenor 1606 retained, the remaining bell 1512 given
to Roby and C & G Mears provided five bells infront of
the tenor. The 3rd was recast in 1872 & the 5th in
1873 due to cracking. My theory is that C & G Mears
provided bells 1,2&4, the 3&5 being part of the old
ring of 4, then they were recast etc. The Roby bell is
40 diameter - the same as the present 4th. How would
one find out? Would Whitechapels records have the
answer? Aye. Sam

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