[Bell Historians] Re: Little Hereford

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Thu Aug 11 09:54:29 BST 2005

>> The local association only help affiliated towers, there 

[sic. CD]

> bell fund
>> rules and do not, as far as I can see, affiliate 3 bell towers.

[Yes they do. CD]
> The Hereford Diocesan Guild Bell Restoration Fund rules simply
> say "Towers within the Diocese of Hereford may become affiliated to the
> fund by the annual payment of the affiliation fee, which currently is
> £2 per ringing bell, due January 1st and deemed in arrears March 31st."
> The affiliation fee is a modest £2 per bell in the tower, due January
> 1st and deemed in arrears March 31st. If the parishes wishes to get a
> grant, there's nothing to stop it affiliating.
> Why the sudden interest in Little Hereford?

[Why indeed? It doesn't originate from Herefordshire, still less from
Little Hereford itself (sadly). The really special thing in that tower is
the medieval frame. CD]


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