[Bell Historians] Holy Trinity Holdgate (Shropshire)

Susan & Christopher Dalton dalton.family at ...
Tue Aug 16 12:19:25 BST 2005

> I believe that there are three unringable bells in the tower at Holdgate,
> and I believe that they hang in a 16/17th century frame. Can anyone tell
> me more about them? Were they ringable in about 1900? Does the cottage
> next to the rectory (or even the rectory), still stand? Any information,
> photos, web links etc. would be gratefully received.
> I have been told that C J Dalton has done historical bell work extensively
> in this area and would have details of the bells.
> I am doing this as a favour, not for any commercial gain
> Malcolm Bland
> Kirkby Malham, North Yorkshire
> http://www.malhamdale.com/bells.htm

The (Old) Rectory was certainly still standing last time I was there. I
don't particularly recollect a/the cottage.

Those brave/foolhardy few who have rung the bells might agree that they are
fairly unringable, more because of some of the fittings than because of the
frame, which is quite a decent one - probably 18th (or even early 19th)
century I think, no older, although old material has been re-used in its

It is possible, but unlikely, that the bells would have been rung
full-circle around 1900. Even now (well, 1982) they do set.

Treble Abel Rudhall of Gloucester 1754; 2nd and tenor John Martin of
Worcester 1657 and 1666.



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