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I suppose it is my fault really!

The original list was compiled by Ernest Morris and - with respect - 
contained numerous omissions and some inaccuracies. In 1975, and using "The 
Great Bells of Britain" in the back of the traditional "Dove", with Ron's 
agreement as a "database", I produced what it the core of the present list, 
which contains bells of 2 1/2 tons and over. In addition to Ron's 
information, the additional material offerred was the casting date and the 

Every year the editor, the late Bill Viggers, would send me an A4 print-out 
asking me to check it over, and put in any amendments (there were not a lot) 
in the hard copy. When The Ringing World took it over, I rermember David 
Thorne ringing me up "just to check". His successor didn't and neither did 
I, but strangely enough Robert mentioned it to me in the wake of Dickon's 
excellent article on what I call Great Rusty of Clerkenwell.

I don't know whether the acknowledgments are still made but they used to be 
made "the late Ernest Morris and Revd David Cawley for The Great Bells 
list". Bill Viggers used even to send me a free copy!

So, when things are back to normal, I will submit copy to include the 
relevant large bell(s) at Cobh (anybody got any worthwhile details of the 
Eijsbouts bells?), and of course Great Rusty, though I shall not call him 
that, and any other bells in The United Kingdom, The Channel Islands and 
the Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland not presently included which 
members and others may bring to my notice. The absolute criterion for 
inclusion is a weight of 50-0-0, or an approximate weight of 50-cwt 
supported by an appropriate diameter (62 1/2" is the smallest for which we 
have an accurate weight in the list, the tenor at St Helier; a couple of cwt 
of this must be the canons, the bell is loaded with ornament and is quite 

And I will check out the "Exchange" which I had left as such in deference to 
the East Midlander who complied the original list.

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>> Seems to have been! I don't think they typeset those pages every year
>> and only amend them every now and then.
> They don't seem to update them unless somebody points out the errors,
> although even then they don't always do it. The Nottingham clock bells are
> still listed as being in 'Nottingham Exchange' when in fact the building 
> is
> called the Council House - there was a letter published in the RW stating
> this. The Exchange was the previous building on the site, demolished to 
> make
> way for the Council House.
> David
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