[Bell Historians] Peterborough Cathedral

Andrew Bull a_m_bull at ...
Fri Dec 30 20:42:26 GMT 2005

I've certainly seen weights for the tenor (still at Peterborough) and the
4th (now 10/10 at WIthycombe Raleigh) as removed - 29 something and 19
something, I think - don't have the details to hand. I have a feeling that
the front three were sold with their headstocks still on, so probably
weren't weighed.
4th was 18-3-13 before tuning for Withycombe Raleigh, and tenor 29-3-9
before tuning. Taylors recorded the diameters as 41.75, 43.5, 45.5, 49, 57
when they rehung them in 1895.

> Also, I don't think we ever had an answer to David's question on
> Peterborough St John, i.e. the tenor weighed 26-2-22 after the Gillett
> restoration, and are now given as 25-2-22 in Dove - spookily exactly a
> hundredweight lighter than the former weight. Did anyone have the updated
> details?

Yes, George supplied the following details from the G&J Records in an
off-list email:


The 7th has since been recast by Taylor's in 1930 (or 1931!)- present bell
weight 22-2-12
Thanks, David. So four of the bells were originally published as weighing a
hundredweight more than they actually did!
Andrew Bull


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