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I bought my copy of the complete work (for £12!) in February 1981 from Rita  
Shenton, who was doing a good business in selling bell books at that time. The 
extra frontispiece is of the early thirteenth century bell at Hatfield, and  
the extra title page has VOLUMES I-V printed under the title. On the reverse 
is "Limited edition of the complete work bound as one volume, 1976." The red 
cloth binding is similar to that used by Fred Sharpe in his binding of the 
complete edition of the Church bells of Oxfordshire which I bought directly 
from him.
Bill Butler

The same could be said of Herefordshire, which I think says on the title 
page of the bound volume something like 'limited edition of the complete work 
issued as one volume 19??'. However, this title page seems to have been issued 
loose with volume five to be used in the binding of the complete set as one 
volume. Were any bound volumes of the complete set actually sold, or was it 
left up to the buyer to do this. Certainly, my copy of Herefordshire is made up 
of the five volumes bound together. It does have the title page, but is 
clearly bound from five separate books, as is made particularly clear by the fact 
that volume 1 was printed on different paper to the others.

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