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They are superb, as they ought to be, and the only problem i can see is tha=
the front 6 (of 10) have not that good a rope circle. the front 8 (of 12)
are a good circle.

Yes, I know they're super bells - I saw some of them in the foundry and sou=
nded the tenor.

I suppose it costs less for 2 trebles than for 1 treble and a flat 4th.

Won't make much difference - most of the cost is in the craftsmanship rathe=
r than the metal. Besides, the weight difference between another treble and=
a flat 4th wouldn't be great, and where a big job like this is concerned t=
he cost difference would be insignificant.

And the rope circle is as if they were a 12.

Have all 12 bell rung together yet?


p.s. - the tenor is 31-2-12 in D
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